One-on-one nutritional therapy

Where I can help – and the complexity of being an individual

One-on-one nutritional therapy works well in cases where an individualised programme based on up-to-date scientific evidence is needed. Maybe you have tried other eating plans, or the advice you have gathered elsewhere is too generalised to make a difference. We are all biochemically different. Sometimes information in the general domain is not scientifically supported, or is out of date. And remember our nutritional needs and responses vary widely depending on  age, size, genetics and individual biochemistry.

How it works

Step 1: I will start by asking you to complete a health questionnaire and fill out a three-day food diary. During your first consultation we will review this and I will make recommendations for lab tests, if needed, appropriate to your health issues. I will look at your diet and lifestyle and make a couple of basic recommendations to start working on straight away while awaiting the lab results.

Tests look at a range of factors from nutritional status, to food sensitivities, stress hormone levels to gut inflammation and immunity.

Step 2: After you have completed your lab tests, I will review the results in a one-hour follow-up consultation. Based on the results, I plan targeted dietary interventions to improve your health. I may also recommend specific supplements at professional grades to kick-start your recovery.

Step 3: Half-an-hour follow-up consultations are scheduled to monitor progress. I will roll out further dietary changes at our meetings.

The first two appointments are one-hour each. Follow-ups after that are half an hour each.

One-hour first and second appointments £100 each.

Subsequent follow ups are £65 each (usually 30 minutes each).