One-2-one nutritional therapy

Looking for ideas for your employee wellbeing plans for 2016? We all have individual dietary needs, and personalised nutrition sessions can help pinpoint which foods and style of eating suit your particular physiology best, so you can perform your best. Book nutritional therapy sessions for your staff by the day, or have a regular surgery in your offices. Like to know more? Phone 020 3740 2044 and arrange a meeting to discuss how we can help you.  

About me

I love working with individuals and seeing results – more energy, better sleep, resilience. My nutrition recommendations are based on several years’ first-hand clinical practice working with busy people experiencing what works, using the latest science. I have a solid evidenced-based background and was trained at Westminster University where I graduated  with a BSc Hons in Nutritional Therapy. I am continually topping up with CPD (continuing professional development, the latest seminars and conferences in nutrition) and applying new findings to everyday life. I am registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and am a member of the professional body for nutritional therapists BANT. I am fully insured. My training is based on Functional Medicine. In Functional Medicine, rather than just looking at symptoms, practitioners seek to identify root causes underlying ill health.

Judy (54), former company director: “On first meeting Jeannette it was clear she was well informed on my auto-immune conditions and hormone imbalance and continued to check the latest research as every new symptom presented itself. Her knowledge and understanding is extensive. It is hugely reassuring that in all areas of nutrition she keeps abreast of the latest developments and clearly takes a deep interest in all her patients so that she too can contribute to solutions and share the benefits. I have now lost ten kilos in weight following her advice and as I retired recently and pursued my love of rowing, I am now enjoying life and the sport a lot more.”

Karen, from Twickenham: “After going to my doctor with adult acne many times and being prescribed endless rounds of antibiotics and even stronger drugs with no lasting effect, I was fortunate enough to finally be referred by a friend to Jeannette. In a period of less than 6 months working with Jeannette I am delighted with the results. My skin is clearer than it has ever been in my adolescent and adult life. In fact I no longer consider myself to be suffering with acne, which is something I had pretty much resigned myself to as I am now in my 40s. The culprit, gluten! After blood tests identified the source of my problem (gluten intolerance and leaky gut), Jeannette worked with me on removing gluten from my diet and also prescribed a programme of supplementation to ultimately repair my broken digestive system that allowed ‘alien’ matter to leak into my blood stream, causing a chronic inflammatory response which for me showed up as acne. In hindsight, removing gluten and getting rid of my acne has been frustratingly simple, but it took Jeannette’s knowledge and skills to get to the bottom of the problem. I only wish I’d known about Jeannette 20 years ago.”

Lucy (47), designer: “Jeannette is experienced, informed, articulate and good to work with. But more important from a patient’s point of view than any accolade, is surely a good result. I have gone from taking daily pain killers for Rheumatoid Arthritis to none at all. Through careful, personal and realistic dietary changes, the pain associated with this condition has gone for me. I am more and more convinced of the power of tailoring what we eat to improve all aspects of our health. I would recommend Jeanette wholeheartedly.”